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Computer Science Degrees Power the World

From animation to medical innovation, 计算机科学改进并加速了我们今天所依赖的所有技术. As a computer science major, 你可以成为推动我们前进的技术变革的一部分, 这是否意味着要保证医疗信息的安全, 为服务不足的社区赋权,或对环境灾难发出警告. 

Kettering University’s Computer Science Department offers highly flexible undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science that help you work toward numerous careers  for a computer science major. Our programs equip you with both the theoretical knowledge and the high-level skills in emerging technologies you need to build an exciting and thriving career. In addition to your coursework, 你将在实验室里测试你的知识,为你的职业生涯做准备. 你也将有机会和老师一起参与研究, and compete in national and international competitions where you will collaborate with students majoring in other disciplines.

Jobs for a computer science major

If you find yourself analyzing the latest tech releases or wondering how a new piece of software works, 计算机科学学位可能正是你想要的.

There are many jobs for computer science majors, including computer game developer, UX designer, IT security analyst and AI developer. reports $75,100美元是计算机科学专业早期工作的平均工资, while mid-career salaries average $123,400. Explore programs offered by the computer science department to learn more about your path to employment in computer science, data science and related fields.



The U.S. 美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)预计,计算机和研究专家的就业机会将增长22%, 哪一条比其他职业道路的平均速度快得多. The Computer Science department at Kettering ensures you’ll have the skills necessary to stay current and remain marketable throughout your career in data science.

Beyond our programs, Kettering’s Computer Science department offers individual specialized courses such as Advanced Game Design, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. 这些课程帮助你准备在世界各地的组织追求高薪工作.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program
  • 我们的学士学位旨在为您提供全面的教育. 除了计算机科学系的课程和实验室工作, 你将学习从事相关职业所需的一切,如数据科学. From AI to biotech to business, your computer science degree builds a solid foundation for graduate work or securing industry jobs.
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in Computer Science Degree
  • If you’re highly motivated, 目标明确,对提高计算机科学专业知识感兴趣, 凯特林的学士/硕士学位衔接课程是为你设计的. Learn in-demand skills, knowledge and experience that prepares you for a career in data science or other growing fields. 如果你对在亚马逊这样的公司的技术部门工作感兴趣, Bosch or Ford Motor Company, a combined bachelor/master’s degree built around your computer science degree might be the perfect fit.
  • Computer Science (Minors and Concentrations)
  • 你是否对人类与虚拟现实(VR)技术的交集感兴趣?? 或者你可能会发现人工智能被用于医疗保健, agriculture, manufacturing and the military fascinating? A computer science student may select a concentration that allows you to customize your CS degree to your particular career interests.  Non-CS majors may select the same topics as a minor to help you customize your degree with additional Computer Science expertise, 认识到计算机科学在许多工程和商业领域发挥的重要作用. Adding a CS minor to any bachelor’s degree enhances your marketability for any career in the tech industry. 
  • Computer Gaming (Concentration, Minor)
  • Study the technology, science and art involved in the creation and design of computer games and take your gaming skills—and your career in computer science—to the next level. 计算机科学系的游戏学位课程包括算法, computer graphics, game design and game development.
  • Cybersecurity (Concentration, Minor)
  • From health care to international trade, 保护计算机网络安全的能力对我们社会的各个方面都至关重要. Our cybersecurity options help you develop invaluable skills that are always in high demand. In addition to access to four innovative labs, 您将从活跃于研究图像和视频处理的教师那里学习, wireless sensor networks, social networks and autonomous vehicles.
  • Artificial Intelligence (Concentration, Minor)
  • 人工智能(AI)多年来一直吸引着研究人员的想象力, but AI has now become a pervasive technology that is infused in many aspects of everyday life. From healthcare to stock trading, artificial intelligence is impacting every aspect of our society. Our Artificial Intelligence option helps you develop invaluable skills in the fastest growing industrial sector with average expected growths of over 70%. 除了创新的跨学科课程, 您将从活跃于研究图像和视频处理的教师那里学习, machine learning, data mining, and autonomous vehicles.
  • 应用数据科学与分析硕士(校内或在线)
  • We created our Data Science Master’s Degree in response to organizations infusing the competencies of data science and analytics into various sub-disciplines within companies. Careers in data science today require mining information specific to a department or objective so stakeholders can make better decisions.
  • Our in-person or online data analytics degree covers both statistical and computing technologies including data mining, machine learning and cloud computing. Paired with electives in the areas of Management and Engineering such as Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning, 您的数据分析学位为您在数据科学领域的各种职业做好准备.
Degrees and Programs Degree type
Artificial Intelligence
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Concentration Minor
Bachelor's/Master's Degrees Pathway
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Bachelor Master Online Master
Computer Gaming
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Concentration Minor
Computer Science
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Bachelor Minor
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Concentration Minor
Data Science
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate


从数据分析学位到机器人专业, our Computer Science department’s programs are research-based and provide you with the valuable skills you need—whether you’re looking to design a stunning video game or secure a career in data science.


Co-op opportunities for Computer Science majors

合作学习是你计算机科学学位的一部分. 在凯特林学习期间,你将在课堂学习和实际工作之间轮换. When you graduate as a Computer Science major, 你会理解理论,并拥有雇主所需要的专业知识.

National competitions

As a computer science major, you’ll have the opportunity to enter industry competitions such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) First Artificial Intelligence for Mobility Challenge. The Kettering team placed fourth overall, 在解决方案展示中获得第一名,在利益相关者展示类别中获得第三名.

Hackathon competitions

Kettering University students regularly assemble teams to participate in hackathons around the country. 我们的学生比规模是我们十倍的学校表现更好, 学生们总是喜欢在比赛中开发的令人兴奋的技术.


Kettering is one of eight schools in North America that participates in the first AutoDrive Challenge sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers and General Motors. This annual event helps computer science majors and engineering students understand technological innovation related to the development of autonomous vehicles. 

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer Science Honor Society

Our active chapter of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer Science Honor Society promotes computer science and celebrates the accomplishments of computer science majors. 每学期,我们最优秀的学生都被邀请成为这个受人尊敬的组织的成员.


10 Best “Hidden Gem” Technology School in the U.S.

College Gazette

由ABET, Inc .计算机认证委员会认证.

Kettering University is one of only five universities to receive the distinction in Michigan.

Best Computer Science Programs 2022

U.S. News & World Report

Get In The Lab

At Kettering, we understand how important real-world experiences are while earning your computer science degree. 作为一名计算机科学专业的学生,你将在最先进的实验室中获得实践经验.

The Computer Networks Lab 允许您探索网络设计并构建微型版的Internet.

The Computer and Network Security Lab gives Computer Science majors the opportunity to experiment with computer viruses and virus protection, 以及探测和攻击现代操作系统的安全性.

The Computer System Lab 教你如何为Linux操作系统编写系统软件模块. Linux remains the industry standard, so employers expect Computer Science degree holders to be well-versed in this family of operating systems.

Microcomputers Ι and ΙΙ Labs allow you, as a Computer Science major, 在汇编代码级别学习嵌入式计算机系统的编程.


如果你对学习计算机科学感兴趣, Kettering strives to help you meet your goals. Earning your computer science degree at Kettering is affordable—99% of our students receive grants, loans and/or work-study opportunities.

Computer Science Department Faculty

As a computer science major, you’ll learn from a faculty of elite innovators, the majority of whom hold computer science degrees at the PhD level and regularly conduct research in real-world settings. Our computer science faculty actively conduct  research in areas such as artificial intelligence, image and video processing, wireless sensor networks, 虚拟和增强计算机图形学和网络安全. 每位教员都明白,计算机科学专业的学生如何才能获得高层职位.


In Computer Science, education matters. 拥有学士学位比拥有副学士学位平均多挣2万美元. Start your data science path today.

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