研究 Facilities

Our 研究 Facilities

Kettering University's labs and facilities are used for sponsored and applied research.

The University has received more than $16 million in sponsored program funding since 2016. Our faculty have worked with numerous companies in areas such as autonomous vehicles, 医学研究, 碰撞安全, and other ground-breaking areas.


Students and instructor in noise vibration harshness lab


噪音, 振动, and Harshness and Experimental Mechanics Laboratory focuses on analytical and experimental research in structural and acoustic systems.

Student working on AI for Bulldog Bolt

The Autonomous Driving and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory develops innovative solutions for Smart Mobility by using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies.

A faculty member and graduate student perform tests in the haptics lab in computer engineering.


The 研究 in Engineering and Collaborative Haptics Lab conducts research on autonomous systems, 机器人/触觉, and human machine interaction.


Mobility 研究 Center

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